Rent Gym and Lunchroom
Rent Gym and Lunchroom

Gym and Lunchroom Rental Agreement

Purpose: To glorify God by strengthening authentic community.

  • Rentals are $100 fee and $100 deposit per day.
  • Hours are 8am to 10pm when available.
  • Your reservation is not complete until payment is received.
  • TOL can cancel your reservation at any time for any reason.

You may use:

  • 60 chairs in the gym. 40 in the lunchroom
  • 8 tables in lunchroom. 5’ x 2.5’ rolling.
  • Fridge and freezer usage allowed
  • Wi-Fi password Revelation222

Watch this video for details on renting our space!

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • You MUST take away ALL YOUR OWN TRASH from the premises!
  • NO loud music. POLICE will be called if disturbing the neighbors.
  • Keep doors closed to keep sound and heat in and bugs out.
  • NO using any TOL food, napkins, or disposable dinnerware
  • Wash and return all dishes.
  • NO alcohol, drugs, or tobacco is allowed on the campus!


  • You have 24 hours to submit your payment. Your reservation will not be reserved until we receive your payment. Failure to make payment will void your reservation.
  • Send a payment through our website by clicking on donations. Leave a message please put your name and put gym rental and the date you are reserving. Ex “Glen Whitfield Oct. 27 2p -10p”


  • If you would like your deposit back, you may contact the school and request it. We will send you a check to the address we have on file.
  • Loss of your deposit and any future use of our facility
      • Any cleanup trash tape stickers left on the walls or floor and any extra cleanup
      • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco or evidence left on the property
      • Police are called for noise violations or other problems


Fines will be assessed for items that have been damaged by your parties usage.

  • $75 – Trash left behind
  • $25 – Tape left on walls
  • $50 – Sticky floors or extra cleaning
  • $250 – Damaged Window
  • Ducts & Grates in Gym
    • $50 – Dents
    • $200 – Dislodged/broken duct
  • $100 – Damaged wall/woodwork
  • $50 – Repainting

Rent Our Gym and Lunchroom!

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