Parent Testimonials

“Our girls never used to enjoy going to school, now they can’t wait to come to school every day. I have seen a difference already in the way that they treat each other at home and the way that they behave. Their grandfather has also noticed a good change in them.” - Florence
"When I interviewed Adam regarding his school for Community Voices online publication, I felt his passion and the calling God placed on him to provide a Christian education for kids. While I had plans for Sasha to attend another school that fall, I was led to not only support Adam's vision, but allow my daughter's first experience in school be one on the foundation of Christ. Since attending she comes home excited about what she is learning and her teacher is great in pushing her to excel. The small classroom size is a benefit to her, and our entire family is blessed with the new songs she learns from Mr. S."  - Sonia
“We wondered often if we had made the right decision about putting Isabelle in school this year since she’s younger.  Would that affect her now? Later?  But since we’ve had her at Tree Of Life, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! She just loves it. Isabelle even gets up on the weekends and wants to come to school.  She comes home singing all the worship songs. She’s learning so much and her teacher said she should be reading way above grade level by the end of the year.” - Crystal
“I'm really grateful for TOL coming from & being brought in an apostolic background. I'm glad to have a school that is teaching my child about GOD an how good He is. Also teaching him the rules of everyday life and what he needs to know to make it both spiritually and what he needs to succeed in the world as he grows up. Zion is really doing great I'm excited to see that he is enjoying going to school and wanting to learn.  I love hearing from his teacher how he loves to help the other student in his class. Thank you TOL for coming to life and giving our kids a change and putting GOD back into school and for making sure when I can't do it, ya'll make sure Zion gets to school.” - Almetta
“When our family came to Kalamazoo we wanted to send out kids to a Christian school, but it was more than we could afford.  When our youngest daughter came along, we prayed regularly that we would be able to send her to a Christian school.  We were about to enroll Angela in the public school this fall, when one day some people came by and dropped a flyer in our mailbox.  I almost threw it away, but the bright color caught my attention and I began to read.  It was truly a miracle! I showed my husband that there was a Christian school opening right here in our neighborhood and we might actually be able to afford it. God has answered our prayers! Angela has grown so much spiritually and academically. She comes home every day singing songs about Jesus and saying memory verses.  Tree Of Life is such a blessing to our daughter, our family, and this neighborhood.” - Mia
“My daughter Kaytra started TOL in a whole new environment- new teachers, new friends, new surroundings, and new rules.  I have seen a huge improvement in my daughter since she started. Kaytra loves to wake up every morning and get ready for school. I love the fact that she is excited and encouraged to spend her day at school. Not only has Kaytra’s school been a blessing in her life, but in my life as well. Thank you so very much for everything and all of you at Tree Of Life School.  You have been more than a school- you’ve been like family to me.”  - Nichole
“Since beginning Tree of Life my son has been so excited about school.  He is happy to come every day and enjoys what he is learning.  I have been encouraged by his enthusiasm.  It brings me joy to see him growing in his Worship and his relationships with his peers. “ - Amy
“Tree Of Life has been good for my child. Areanna comes home every day with new things to talk about.  The school means a lot to her and there is not one day that goes by where she complains about school.”- Ariel
“It just brings tears to my eyes when I hear her coming home and singing Jesus Loves Me at the top of her lungs.”  - “Aunt” Tammy
“I want to thank the Tree of Life teachers for a wonderful job they have been doing-they made learning enjoyable for Lydia. She always has enjoyed school but the third year in the same school just did not work for her and I was worried she would get left behind. Now I feel she is learning and comfortable with school and herself. She has a better outlook on school and people. I am impressed with Ms. Concannon and Mrs. Novak teachings as well as their personal skills with each of the children.” - Deneese