You are a Princess

Friday, October 17th, 2014 Today during worship there were some sibling issues between Aneasa and Desmond.  I had Aneasa stay in my classroom during her lunch recess for her consequence.  When she came in, she began speaking with an attitude.  I immediately made her lay on the floor until she could submit to peace and kindness from the Holy Spirit.  Once she was able to submit, she needed to come to me and apologize.  It was during her apology that it occurred to me that Aneasa really has no clue who she is. She does not know who she was made to become.  So I told her that her previous actions were "ghetto" and that they were, mean, nasty, unkind and most importantly ungodly.  I told her that she is not "ghetto". She is a princess.  She is God's princess.  She is more precious than diamonds or rubies and He loves her more then anything. I then asked her for her full name, placed my hand on her and declared out loud that she is a Princess of the King of the Most High, Jesus, that no one else has any rule or dominion over her and that she belongs to her father God.  After I said this, I watched a physical change happen in Aneasa.  Her faced looked different.  It is so hard to explain, her face was young and beautiful before but it was as if something left and she was shiny, her skin smoother and just different. Thank you Jesus that we belong to you. That you for putting the DNA of heaven in us. Thank you for making us prophets, saints, kings, queens, princes and princesses.