Tow Away Zone

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
We had our first unknown car parked in our lot over the weekend. It was still there on Monday. I asked around and nobody knew whose it was. It looked a little sketchy and there was no note, phone call or anything and California plates. So, I had it towed.
Later that day, a desperate fellow came into the school. He's like, "you towed my car. That's all I have. I only have $50 to my name, but it costs $140 to get it out. I'll give you all I have, but my whole life is in that car."
He was desparate. He had quite a story. Grew up in a crack house in the Holland area. Moved to California to get away from drugs. He came back to Kzoo to enroll at KVCC. But He said he loved Jesus. His first thought was to vandalize the school. But then, He thought that was wrong and just came into talk it out.
We stopped at an ATM because you could only pay exact cash at the towing company. When I pulled up, he handed me his money, but I told him to keep it because God told me to pay for all of it. He started weeping.
So, I had Mercy and paid to get the car out that we had towed and impounded. Pray for Dillon.