Spiritual Gymnastics.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 Andre had been suspended from gym class for 2 days. While the other students were in gym Andre and I were at my desk talking together and reflecting on James 4:1-3. I felt a prompting to ask Andre if he wanted to invite the Holy Spirit into his heart and declare Jesus Lord of his life. Andre, responded yes, then together we prayed and he asked the Holy Spirit to come into his heart! We read 1 Corinthians 12 together. After reading this together Andre said that he wanted to receive a gift of healing, so we prayed for the Holy Spirit to give him the gift of healing!! He saw the book of healing prayers behind another book on my desk. I asked him if he would like for me to write down some of these prayers for him to use, he said yes! March 26, 2015
The following gym class Andre and I copied some pages from the healing prayers book. When the other students returned from gym Nila came to me and said she was feeling sick. I asked her to go to Andre and have him pray over her. Andre is usually very shy to pray out loud, but when Nila asked him for prayer he joyfully prayed for her! Nila came to me immediately afterwards to report that she was feeling much better!