Prison Visit

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 I never thought I would be making prison visits to parents of students that we have at Christian school. But then Christ said, "Behold, I make all things new." Well, nothing could be more obvious after my visit to Trina last Thursday. Me and Amy learned lots on our first visit. We walked up to the entrance and learned you could not take in cell phones to the building at all. We walked back to the car, then back in. We checked in, answered questions and then finally found out we had to go and drive to a different building. We also learned that Amy could not wear her hoodie. Normally, they would not allow her to visit, but since it was a first time, she had to wear a smock. Yes, it's attractive as it sounds. We got to the east building and checked in. We were told it would be about 15-20 min before we went through security. We talked to a few other people waiting, bought one guy a candy bar, and helped another lady with her snack card. You have to put all your clothes in the locker. It's 50 cents. Two hours later, they called us. We locked all out things in the locker. I was about to enter the gate and realized I still had my wallet. I had to run back, unlock the locker put it back in and pay another 50 cents. We went through the scanner, got fully patted down, took off our shoes and socks and we were then good to go! We walked down the halls and into the loud room where about 60 plus people were. Trina was sitting down waiting to be checked in. We couldn't hug until she was cleared, so we got excited as we could without contact. We were allowed one hug at the beginning and one at the end. She came over and gave great big hugs! She looked so good! She looked so ALIVE! We talked straight before an hour and half. She told so many amazing God stories. Every word she spoke was a testimony of what He was doing in her life. She won the talen show rapping with another 60 year old lady. She was chosen to be a mentor for some of the hardest woman in the prison. She has been praying for her family and friends non stop. She has PEACE and is trusting the Lord to release her whenever He sees fit. She sends most of the money she makes to Christian ministries. She is a woman of God that I look up to. I wonder who got ministered to the most? What a Lord!