I’m not listening to you!

Friday, February 20th, 2015 I came in the office the other day and found a student sitting behind the comfy chair. He had an angry face. He was clearly not himself. I began to rebuke evil spirits and commanded them to leave. He plugged his ears and said, "I'm not listening to you!" I asked the Lord what I should do. It came to mind that I needed to sing praises to the Lord. I began to sing quietly Lord I lift your name on High. Talanja, sitting at her computer, began to join me. The young man kept his ears plugged and started shaking his head violently. I felt led to step it up, so I grabbed the djembe (drum) and began to sing and praise God even louder. The young boy stood up, walked slowly over to my desk and then suddenly fell backwards. We kept right on singing. He shook his head, gave me a big warm smile and came over and gave me a great big hug. We kept singing God's praises and he soon went back to his class. Praise is a true weapon against the enemy! thank you Jesus!