Classroom Pledge

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 Recently the 2nd/3rd graders created a classroom plan together for how to stand up against bullying. Together as a class they brainstormed what they could do when seeing bad behavior or bullying happen. One student said that when we see bullying happen or have a conflict with someone else we should always go to God first in prayer and ask for his guidance and wisdom. All of students agreed this was most important! Following our classroom discussion each student made an individual pledge for how they would stand up for one another and work together as a team to encourage good behavior. The students pledged things such as... To pray, to show love, respect, gentleness, forgiveness, to have patience, faith in God's help, safety, kindness, courage, and honesty. While listening to the 2nd/3rd graders share their ideas I was so proud of them! They desire so much to be disciples of Jesus and want to encourage one another in this as well!