can we talk about music?

Thursday, December 11th, 2014 Yesterday there was a small fight between two kids after PE. Thank you Jesus, it resolved quickly. I sat to talk it through with Pat and it went well. Pat then asked me politely if we could talk about music sometime. At first I wasn't sure if he meant about songs or rap he liked. But, he made it clear it was about music class. He had been kicked out indefinitely about 3 weeks ago. Language does not come easy for Pat, but he said the following: "Music used to not  be fun. But now they are doing fun stuff. I know I was disrespectful to the teacher and to others. I would like to have another chance." I was stunned. I asked if someone told him to say that or helped him come up with it. He said no. I asked if he prayed about it and he said yes. I told him that was the most mature, manly, and Godly thing I ever heard him say. Pat will most certainly get another chance. Thank You Jesus! I got me thinking. I hear many people ask why God let's bad things happen to people. Most people would probably agree that we handled this music class discipline procedure well. Students that are disruptive or disrespectful in music class get kicked out for the day. Three times, and your out for good. But, with a repentant and humble heart, they are let back in. Is it any different with our Heavenly Father? He gives us free will. We tell Him, "I want to be independent. I want to do things my way." He loves us so much that He says ok. Things go south. We wonder why. But, we don't ask for Help. We wouldn't dare ask for Help. I can do it all by myself. Things go further south. Sometimes, we finally humble ourselves. "I have been disrespectful to You and others." I would like another chance. I need Help.