Believe it…or not!

Friday, January 9th, 2015 This story is from a TOL mom (Trina) who is currently incarcerated: 1/5/2015 Happy New Year and may our LORD continue to overflow His love on you, the school and the whole world!! So much is happening New. OK. so first i read the TOL book [From Seed to Sapling]... Amazing!  So much I can relate to like the questioning God or am I going crazy- hahaha. And it made me cry. Just a beautiful testament of the supernatural POWER of our GOD!!i am passing it around now and one girl was a skeptic about you and the school she finally told me that its weird and there just had to be a MOTIVE behind what you all do for me and the kids so i gave her the book and she was blown away!especially about the school supplyies  on the porch! Hahaha He's so good!!! 1/7/2015 So amazing, Glory Glory Glory Hallelujah! More great news..the woman who was a skeptic accepted and confessed Jesus as Lord and Savoir:) Oh man, oh man, He is so good... yes we will pray for the land that is already Tree of Life's! There are great things happening here we are getting a NEW warden and we just received a NEW chaplain!